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Why do some of the best brands have the most pathetic customer service? What price Customer Loyalty then?

My experiences with #volkswagen #apple #sony – and am sure many other brands will fall into this – have repeatedly brought this stark contrast to the (ugly) forefront!

The products are wonderful. They are aesthetic AND functional. They perform – and how. They rarely fail.

But when the DO fail – Oh boy! It is a nightmare navigating the system to get your product back in shape. And, by the way, it is a well-designed system where processes are all in place – on paper. Reality is a far cry.

When you talk of brands like these, inter-purchase periods are long. The only points of interaction and engagement are service, trouble-shooting, add-ons etc.

Shouldn’t they be paying more attention to these interventions to ensure their customers get the best experience and want to consciously repeat the brand again and not run away from it in horror? Brands need to wake up to customer journey consciousness. Sooner than later…