Our Work Defines Us


Client : Fortune 500 Indian Company

Project : Enterprise Loyalty Solution & Strategy Roadmap

  • Design of Program structure, Financial and Organizational structure
  • Development of Value proposition
  • Creation of Customer One View roadmap
  • Strategy and roadmap to leverage Customer asset across 3 Business divisions
  • Program strategy
  • Insights Roadmap
  • Implementation plan

Client : Global Fortune 100 retail B2B

Project : Loyalty program construct design for members + Business Analytics

  • Development of Value proposition, Program Positioning & Branding
  • 3D segmentation model basis Share of Wallet, Size of Wallet, Consistency
  • NPS and Member Satisfaction Measurement and Improvement
  • Behavior reward triggers to change overall desired behavior
  • Campaign solutions – communication calendar, initiatives such as cross sell, upsell specific to the category and the segments
  • Program Model Scenarios aligned to Business Strategy
  • Analytics – Effective Beat Management, Category Analysis, Churn Model, Profitability Drivers analysis

Client : Global Money Transfer leader

Project : Member valuation for the loyalty program

  • Quantification of the incremental customer value being driven by loyalty program members
  • Supplementing existing program measurement approaches with a more rigorous methodology
  • Data analytics to eliminate sample selection bias and thus evaluating pre-post membership behavior for like – to – like member – non member segments
  • Quantification of the impact of ‘nurturing’ member relationships through the effect of longitudinal communications
  • Recommendations on future levels of member & communications investment

Client : Consumer durables company in the health space

Project : Influencer Advocacy Program

  • Building a long term relationship with the key health ambassadors
  • Program concept design, management, liasioning with creative partner and field partner

Project : Sales team engagement program through Mobile App

  • Technology based solution design aimed at the sales channel to engage with the sales team, motivate it, leverage real time information and measure employee satisfaction

Client : Leading QSR chain

Project : Customer Strategy for Home Delivery Business

  • Development of parameters & solutions design to identify/profile Customers
  • Segmentation of the customer base
  • Campaign management solution with the customer profile and transaction data provided
  • Customer analytics to identify Customer behavior pre and post the campaign
  • Defining Customer based metrics for measurement, ongoing reporting on the metrics

Client : Middle-East based fintech platform that enables seamless and complete digital banking

Project : Design a customer loyalty program integrating the larger purpose of contributing to the community and promoting self-sustaining social development

  • Designed the loyalty program keeping in mind fintech offering, competitive forces, and key differentiators. Completed Program design with the philosophy of social good at the core and value proposition of “Do good, Give for good and Reap the good”
  • Undertook research to understand society and culture of target segments, including a study of Islamic banking and Sharia-compliant practices
  • Established business rules for currency accrual, recognition, benefits, and privileges with personalized rewards catalogues
  • Completed high-level process maps for programme implementation
  • Identified potential technology partners

Client : Multinational Financial Services entity

Project : Determining drivers for customer selection of augmented credit and debit cards to India’s largest banks

  • Identified potential lines of persuasion through detailed desk research for credit and debit card customers among various consumer segments
  • Implemented qualitative research across multiple geographies and consumer segments to enrich, validate and debunk findings from desk research for bank customers
  • Validated qualitative findings through quantitative digital research to identify most valued features in new cards and key drivers of persuasion by consumer segment
  • Helped client leverage findings into a persuasive sales pitch for banks

Client : Ecommerce Marketplace

Project : Loyalty Design Workshop

  • Loyalty design workshop for one of the biggest Ecommerce Marketplace in the country
  • Scenario options for:
    • Loyalty Models
    • Program Design Key Principles
    • Partnerships

Client : Country’s largest hair treatment (keratin) distributor

Project : Design a loyalty program for various stakeholders leading to increase in revenue and brand stickiness

  • Designed the loyalty program
  • Customer behavior analysis and program strategy
  • Program structure and business rules
  • Technology partner selection

Client : Football team Fan Club at ISL

Project : Design a Fan Club to harness and leverage the passion for football

  • Designed the Fan Club program
  • Consumer expectation analysis and program strategy
  • Program structure and activity calendar
  • Technology partner selection


Client : India’s Largest Philanthropic Trust

Project : Strategy Design for Impact Measurement at Household Level

  • Application of Customer marketing techniques to developmental sector
  • Solution enabling Monitoring at individual and household level which is currently at project level and geographical level
  • Data architecture design enabling creation of IT infrastructure that can be scaled up across all the regions