About Strategic Caravan

We help cultivate customer relationships to create value via the formation of value driven customer strategy. We help set KPIs, benchmarks, monitor performance metrics and train teams to deliver a powerful CRM solution.

Guiding Principles


To provide the best Customer Lifecycle solution to our Clients.

Purpose & Belief

To improve organisation profitability and performance through improved marketing efficiency by benchmarking and continuous measurement and improvement.


To provide valuable inputs worthy of appreciation and reap the rewards that follow.


Respect for the individual, Professionalism, Honesty, Equal Opportunity, Fair Trade, Objectivity, Transparency, Impartiality.

Recent Posts

The 6 P’s of marketing are now the 2 C’s: ‘Customer Centric’

Marketing has changed, but so has business. Remember the days when we thought B2B marketing was boring? Well, retail and consumer marketing is heading the same way. Although I wouldn’t call it boring, I’d say it is becoming more challenging, its B2B to the power of...

Why do you need to identify your hostage customers?

  Hostage customers provide the most valuable insights if you can identify them. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, is how I describe the situation of hostage customers. They could be hostages to your locational advantage—compelled to buy from the...

The Mobile age is a reality – ignore it at your peril! By Rajat Sethi

First there was the ‘Information Age’ and then the ‘Digital Age’ and now it’s the ‘Mobile Age’! Mobiles have totally changed the way we interact with the world and with each other and how we spread and consume information. There is no other communication platform that...