About Strategic Caravan

Who We Are

We at Strategic Caravan are a group of diehard customer loyalty enthusiasts, passionate about helping our clients build enduring customer relationships and delivering bottom-line results for them. Getting customers is one thing — keeping and growing them with you in a way that is mutually profitable happens only when you make them feel that they are more than just a business transaction. We help our clients foster customer loyalty and engagement through customer acquisition, customer retention and customer valuation advisory services. Our extensive experience, niche focus and lean team size makes us agile and sharp to adapt to any challenges thrown at us. And we respond to every occasion with solutions that move markets.

We are proud to have been instrumental in launching and managing some of India’s most well-known customer-centric initiatives, CRM strategies and loyalty programs. Investing time and effort to create value for clients not only helps us define a new future but also set new standards of excellence that become a benchmark for others to emulate.


What we do

We work with clients to help them build enduring customer relationships.
We work with them to create customer-centric strategies and implementation plans, and also measure and monitor their effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

Markets are changing all the time. Businesses are making a welcome and conscious shift from customer service to a more holistic view of superior customer experience through the customer journey with the brand. The goal is to build and nurture long-term, enduring relationships with the customer. The more businesses and customers relate to each other, the more mutual loyalty will become a part of the exchange.

Strategic Caravan

In an age driven by processes and protocols, the real commercial battleground is customer centricity. Many organisations harp on the proposition of putting customers first- But very few actually create a customer-centric universe that fosters value. Emotionally intelligent customer interactions require strategy, leadership and commitment to planning and implementation for the long-term. This isn’t easy but organisations that manage to do that in practice, benefit tremendously. This is where we come into the picture. We place customers at the focal point, helping organisations build a customer-centric vision, culture and practices.

Guiding Principles


Building customer equity for our clients.


To improve organisations’ profitability and performance through deep-rooted and holistic customer focus, improved marketing effectiveness and efficiency, benchmarking and continuous measurement and improvement.


To provide valuable, well researched, thorough and practical inputs and guidance that drive relevance for customers and reap results for our clients.


Respect for the individual, professionalism, honesty, equal opportunity, fair trade, objectivity, transparency, impartiality, eye for detail, seeking the truth.