What are mobile phones? They are mobile supercomputers that are now a critical part of most people on earth, helping them streamline all vital aspects of their day to day lives. Today smartphones serve as the central hub to enable not only communication, but also banking, social media, official communication, and so much more, it is understandable that users have come to demand and expect similar levels of convenience and personalization in not just these run of the mill functionalities, but pretty much everything that their smartphones allow them to do.

This expectation extends to companies providing e-commerce services as well. When a customer lets you in on their device, investing not only their valuable time but also their trust as they download and engage e-commerce apps. Such faith and investment by the customer necessitate that e-commerce companies reciprocate in at least equal measure. Also, by that, we mean that retailers and e-commerce businesses with mobile apps must provide only the highest quality app experience — one that is based on personalization and absolute convenience. It will serve a variety of purposes in the larger scheme of things, such as simplifying the purchase journey, ensuring seamless checkout, and more, but perhaps none as crucial as fortifying exceptional levels of customer loyalty. Here are some ways you can do that as well.

Source – Customer Think