Preview text – As businesses are now under constant pressure to meet customer expectations with exceptional experiences, they are required to look beyond the complex rewards systems and continue evolving their loyalty programs, strategies and technologies to offer tangible value which is something truly unique to customers.

Frequent flier with Jet Airways? Be a part of the JetPrivilege program to earn points with every ticket purchase and convert them into JP miles.

Phone message alert beeps, You have 4,651 reward points as on 30th September ’18 in your HDFC Bank Credit Card account. Download the HDFC Banking app and start redeeming.

If you instantly delete such messages from your phone, you might want to read further.

There is no single source of earning loyalty points these days. We can earn them from transactions made through debit and credit cards, as well as purchases made with retail brands, airline companies and now even e-commerce platforms.

The beauty of these loyalty/reward points is that most brands now allow their customers to redeem them at multiple points of contact, instead of only at one place. Customers can earn and burn with a lot of ease now.