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The Customer fest Show India 2020 @kamikaze B2B Media

How do you build loyalty in a world where your cheese container orders a refill directly to the retailer’s server? or your car asks for a battery check up at home on a sunday at 3 pm because that’s when you stay home?

I am sure we have all read the plight of a man trying to order a pizza in a tech dominated world. The brands know so much about him that they know his physical ailments, his fears and manias, his obsessions and most importaantly- his financial position- in this case he has maxed out on his credit card!

Scary? But it is not far from the truth. Given just three pieces of information about you, today a bunch of data scientists cant pull out your entire history!

So how will we build loyalty in a tech ( and data) dominated world? I look forward to the deep dive session on wednesday at the Customer Fest 2020 …

In the meanwhile, here is a infographic showing the possible landscape depicting the interaction of loyalty and technology… keep in mind this is a work in progress..

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If you feel the above needs to be modified, do let me know with your suggestions!

Look forward to meeting you at the customer fest

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