Health Insurance Experience In India Has a Long Way To Go: Uncovers Beshak’s Consumer Research Survey

● 33% of all respondents were not able to understand the deductions made in claims.
● 53% of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the speed claim settlement.
● 43% of the respondents reported facing difficulty in receiving clear communication.

December 21, 2020:, an independent consumer awareness and research platform for insurance, launched a consumer survey analysing the quality of consumer experience in the Indian health insurance space and presented their findings in a survey report titled – India Health Insurance XP Survey – 2020.

Since the privatization of health insurance in India two decades back, the health insurance industry has shouldered immense responsibility in helping individuals and families de-risk their access to dependable healthcare. Valued at INR 370 Billion in 2018 and projected to cross a market size of INR 2 Trillion by 2030, the industry presents a huge opportunity to impact millions of lives, every year.

As health insurance adoption grows rapidly, it is critical that we take a pause and evaluate how we’ve done so far, so the next decade is devoted not only to boost product reach, but also to uplifting service standards in the long-run.

The India Health Insurance XP Survey – 2020 was conducted in an attempt to measure the quality of experience received by health insurance users today, at the moment of truth – the claims process. By estimating the gap in user expectations versus reality, the report outlines prospective remedies that the insurance ecosystem can adopt to improve the experience across touchpoints.

The survey was conducted through digital and telephonic interviews in association with Strategic Caravan, with over 530 respondents between the ages 20-60 years. Respondents hailed from a wide-range of locations across the country including Ahmedabad, Asansol, Bangalore, Bilaspur, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Dhanbad, Mumbai, Goa, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Jamshedpur, Goa, Kolkata, Mathura, Nagpur, Pune, Patna, Ranchi, Sangli, Silvassa and Thane.

Questions were focused on articulating the intricacies of the health insurance consumer journey spanning the following broad areas –

● Claim initiation process

● Process clarity and guidance

● Ease of documentation and paperwork

● Effective communication with the consumer (and)

● Claim settlement process

It was learnt from the survey that there is immense scope for improving user experience during the claims process. At a high level, it was observed that the overall consumer sentiment is mediocre at best, while in-depth insights and data helped pin point to specific aspects that required course-corrections to revamp service delivery.

“While at Beshak we work on creating better awareness, we also like to be the consumer community’s voice articulating the problems they face, and the perceptions they have right now, with respect to insurance solutions. Only by addressing the problems that cause such perceptions – while increasing awareness of health insurance and its importance – can we improve the adoption and penetration of health insurance in the country,” said Mahavir Chopra, founder,

Download full reportIndia Health Insurance XP Survey – 2020.

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