Customer CARAVAN

Building Customer Equity!

Organizations today grapple with the transformation of the marketing function. This function’s role has evolved from forming strategy that purely reacts to customer behavior to creating strategy driven by insights and predictions of customer behavior.

As more and more Customer data gets generated; organizations struggle to meaningfully interpret and use this data for profitable behavior. (read ‘creating value’). The criticality of the function requires organisations to put senior level resources to manage the responsibility of creating value from customer insights. Visionary organisations are beginning to place Customer Metrics and managing Customer strategies at the board level of responsibility.

Customer Caravan is focused on creating customer value through a customer centric program. We assist companies by means of customer performance measurement metrics and consulting on end-to-end implementation strategies, ensuring a profitable return on relationship!


Customer Relationship Consulting

Setting of objectives and selection of Acquisition, Retention and Customer Segmentation and Valuation metric

CRM, Customer Engagement, Loyalty Program Management

Partner selection, Model selection – DM/CRM/ Loyalty/Social Media and Gamification model selection and partnerships

Customer Strategy Workshop

Management training – in Customer Strategy, Loyalty, Direct & Digital, Data usage and Customer insights

Implementation Solutions

Digital Customer engagement, Customer Loyalty program management, Campaign management & Creative development