What is CEWACS?

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]CEWACSTM is an Indicator value which indicates and predicts customer health in an organization[/li][li]CEWACSTM provides early warnings to senior management for corrective action[/li][li]CEWACSTM is an Indicator comprised of customer parameters that significantly impact sales[/li][li]CEWACSTM helps senior management to keep track of those key customer parameters[/li][li]CEWACSTM is seen as THE next best practice by organizations in sharing data with the public as a performance indicator.[/li]


What does CEWACS do?

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]Senior Management gets a monthly INDICATOR which is a normalized performance value allowing the management to keep track of the organization’s health from a customer stand point[/li][li]Senior Management receives historical Indicator values which help judge customer health trends overtime and help extrapolate forecasts for the future.[/li]


What are the phases of CEWACS development?

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]In phase 1, it will allow the company to see its own Indicator value and the corresponding early warning signals[/li][li]In phase 2, it will allow companies to compare themselves to their peers in the industry. This occurs when CEWACS is built for a number of organizations in a similar domain.[/li]


How does it work?

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]Organizations have to allow CEWACSTMaccess to daily customer data at the POS level[/li][li]CEWACSTMIndicator is an outcome of weighted combination of different variables identified by the CEWACSTM Model[/li]


The broad steps to CEWACSTM creation for the organization subscribed to:

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]Customer level data needs to be made ready for use in the CEWACSTM model – 2 weeks[/li][li]CEWACSTM model building or recalibration to identify impacting customer variables and impacts – 1 week[/li][/ul]

CEWACS Underling Data

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]Transaction Data – Bill Header and Bill details Level[/li][li]Product/SKU Meta Data[/li][li]Store Master[/li][li]Customer Data – Customer Identification and rest would be derived using the above[/li]


A minimum of 24 months of data (as mentioned above) is required for building CEWACS™ for an organization. The data should be shared in pipe separated flat text files. Along with the data,a ‘datasummary document’ needs to be shared as per the template in Appendix A.

CEWACS Movers and Losers

[ul type=”arrow2″][li] A list of the customer parameters which have pulled the Indicator up and which have had a negative effect (as per component scores) would be a part of the Indicator publication (published monthly). [/li][li]Movement of the Indicator along with the historical movement of the major movers and losers to be shared[/li][/ul]

CEWACS Diagnostic

Gives an early warning around the areas where the organization:

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]needs to focus on as there is rising potential[/li][li]needs to take immediate action to prevent loss in sales[/li][li]needs to continue the current state[/li][/ul]

Senior Management view

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]Score : A monthlyINDICATOR – which is a weighted average of performance across parameters.[/li][li]Industry comparision :  Statements like “This INDICATOR is amongst the Top 30% retail organizations in the country”. “You are behind 10 of your peers” can be seen. [/li][/ul]

Level Customization

CEWACSTMIndicator for the organization (senior management consumption) can have sub components like CEWACSTM for the region, CEWACSTM for verticals and CEWACSTM for brands, however at different subscription modes

What’s the delivery mode

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]Web based application with a login[/li][li]A printed report with Indicator, Indicator Movers and Losers and Indicator Diagnostics which would be circulated to the subscribers[/li][/ul]

Setting Up  CEWACS

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]Web based application with a login[/li][/ul]

Versions and Levels

[ul type=”arrow2″][li]Standard Version of Indicator and Indicator Subscription with analytics/consultation[/li][li]Advanced Analytics and Consultation: As a service over and above – Professional Services model[/li][/ul]
[ul type=”arrow2″][li]Annual license with INDICATOR for 12 months[/li][li]Slabs[/li][li]Levels – Silver | Gold | Plat[/li][li]Upsells[/li]